Final Opening

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How does your media product represent particular social groups?-Question 2

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?- Video

When deciding what to do for my film opening I researched various movies which related with the ‘crime’ genre I was interested in. I researched ‘Dexter’ first, a series which aired in 2006. It focus’ on a forenzic technician specialising in blood spatter pattern analysis, who also leads a secret parallel life as a serial killer, hunting down murderers who have slipped through the cracks of the justice system. Originally I was relating this series to my original idea of murder, which was a car crash. However since that didn’t go as planned I developed my original idea of murder to my new opening on a serial killer who has taken shelter in an abandoned hotel. I thought this linked perfectly with Dexter as he is hunting down murderers so I took inspiration by that story line. Also I have used mannequins in my opening to give an eery feeling and to show that the serial killer in my opening is not sane.

We Are What We Are is a 2013 American horror film. The beginning scene is During a torrential downpour, a woman walks into a shop, looking confused. People are trying to talk to her and eventually she responds and explains that the weather has strongly affected her.  The butcher then replies that it will get worse before it gets better. On her way back to her car she passes a poster that advertised 2 missing girls. but Before she can reach her car, she begins bleeding from her mouth and falls into a ditch filled with mud and slowly drowns. Although my genre of my film isn’t horror, I liked how the introduction of this film was dull and had a long opening of a leaf going down a stream. The colour tones are all dull and it indicates that the film isn’t going to be happy. This therefore mirrors how my main character may be feeling and sets the tone of what may happen regarding the character in my movie if continued. Also, by having my opening scene without my character, it shows that he isn trying to stay hidden and in addition the dull  colour tones adds a  strong sense of isolation. 

How did you attract/address your audience?- Question 5

Looking back at the beginning of the course, I used survey monkey to get my research for my target audience and how to include the things that they want to see. Each question I included in my survey was constructed so I could find out the most information possible so that I could use the answers when planning my opening scene.

Questions like ‘how old are you’ really helped me to fid out exactly who would want to watch my opening. Therefore created my target audience to be 16+. Therefore it enabled me to have more psychotic themes running through due to the more mature age range. Also my original idea of a car crash fitted into this theme well also.

22% of the people said that they would enjoy an opening scene to be in an abandoned warehouse- I then took this and through the sense of isolation and abandonment I came up with the idea of an abandoned hotel which is close to the abandoned warehouse idea.

To attract my target audience, I needed to have an interesting story that would draw the audience in and make them want to see my film. That was why I chose to have a psychotic theme which is interesting as through the comments left by the people who answered my survey they all said that they would expect to see murder in the opening and with my opening I have a feeling that things are being hidden which would make the audience want to continue to watch the opening.

Ways in which I attracted the audience was through the music. The music I chose was a piano which added suspense and mirrored the thriller genre I have chosen. I knew this would attract the audience as when looking at thriller movies I looked at We Are What We Are, a 2013 horror film. I chose music similar to the music they used in the movie as  The Hollywood Reporter called it “a refreshingly mature genre” which is what I wanted with my film, as the audience I wanted to attract are the older teenager bracket and you would hope they could enjoy a maturer movie to keep them interested and through the music I knew this would be achievable.

Another way I attracted my audience was the mystery of not showing my actor until the end of the opening. In Dexter, a series- clips of blood and gruesome shots are shown to attract the audiences attention. I have also done this as I have a slow progression of nature, then the mannequins and then the actor so it adds mystery and I know from Dexters ratings on imdb of being 8.8 they have attracted their audience.